Thursday, November 7, 2019

Colors of Walls Promotes Neurodiversity

I didn't know that when you walked into a workplace, looked around and sat down, how the colors around you can have an affect on your day.  Yellow is considered the most fatiguing and sensory-loaded color.  Bright orange makes people hungry or agitated.  Occupational therapists, dentists, etc. use light blues and greens on their walls to welcome their patients and make them feel comfortable.  Some places have areas where those with a lot of energy, can use it.  The size of rooms, amount of people in it or around it, and the environment can all impact us.  Some people (15%-20% of the population) are neurodiverse.  This means they have some type of brain disorder or condition.  Scientists have found out that by editing work spaces, you can see a better performance from someone or they seem happier.  This is really cool.   Before reading this article I knew about some of these, but it's extremely fascinating to think that our brains tell our bodies to act a certain way depending on colors.  How cool is that?!